Manual Rework

There are many packing projects where machine production is just not feasible, so hand packing by a skilled team is the most efficient answer. From order fulfilment and addressing pack quality issues such as incorrect labelling or damaged goods, to simply relabeling or repacking in a different format, our experienced team offers a comprehensive Manual Rework service. Flexible and immediate, Manual Rework can help take days, weeks or even months off your time to market.

Eliminating problems in the packing chain

Evolve Pack can efficiently resolve any problems that may arise further down the packing chain, such as changing barcodes to suit stockist requirements, as well as carrying out fault checks, providing you with the peace of mind that all products reaching store shelves are 100 percent fault free.

Packed products ready for the shelf

In addition to packing products we also provide Point of Sale and Shelf Ready Pack Assembly, Gift Packing services, and Garment Processing, such as attaching labels and creating clothing sets, helping you get your products in front of the end customer quickly and efficiently.