P.P.E, Security Passes and Tags and Disclosures


While working on site for Evolve I understand that it is my responsibility to look after and maintain all P.P.E that is loaned to me. I agree to return all P.P.E to Evolve in as good a condition as the day I received them, normal wear and tear accepted. I understand and agree that if I lose or damage any P.P.E I will be responsible for reimbursing Evolve the cost of replacing any and all P.P.E (Hi-Vis Vest £5.00 / safety hats £6.08)

This agreement also includes the responsibility of all security passes that are entrusted to me for use on site.  In the event that the security passes and access tags have been lost or destroyed; I agree to replace them at my own expense.  If I do not return or replace all items loaned to me, I authorize Evolve to make the necessary deductions to cover the cost of all replacement (£15).

Cash Advance-Transport

At Evolve Operational Logistics Limited we strive to offer all the help we can to all our ambassadors working with us. We have in place help where we can offer a cash advances for transportation. This might be an option you choose for getting to work. We can provide transport to get you to your work place at a cost of  £2.00 per journey (£4.00 per day) this cost will be deducted from your weekly pay.