Hygiene Policy

EVOLVE Hygiene Information to be given to all Staff / Visitors

To meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the BRC / IoP standard, all staff / visitors MUST abide by the following rules and regulations without exception.

The policy of Evolve is to set, implement and maintain high standards of personal and operational hygiene as many of the products are in direct contact with food and confectionary. It is the company’s policy to exercise ‘DUE DILIGENCE’ to ensure the products are protected from the risk of potential contamination.

Staff Personal Hygiene:

All staff handling food should demonstrate good standards of personal hygiene, be of a tidy appearance and comply with all legal and company rules, designed to ensure the production of safe food.

As with any business that handles food regular hand washing and sanitising are essential, staff MUST ensure that they sanitise and wash their hands before starting work, after any breaks and frequently during the day.

Jewellery / Makeup / Contact Lenses and Spectacles:

Jewellery is not permitted, except for a plain wedding ring, jewellery that is worn for religious purposes MUST be risk assessed and authorised by management and retained under protective clothing. No decorative stones allowed.

The below are not permitted:

  • False, bonded, extended eyelashes
  • False, acrylic, or gel nails
  • No nail varnish or gel varnish
  • No heavy makeup
  • No strong smelling perfume, deodorant or aftershave
  • No hair clips or kirby clips
  • Prescription Spectacles and contact lenses are permitted and managers must be notified immediately of any breakage or loss of personal spectacles or contact lenses.

Screening after Illness:

Employees must notify the company as soon as they become unfit for work due to illness.

Employees who return to work following an absence due to illness will be required to complete a health questionnaire to confirm they are free from any respiratory, skin or gastro – intestinal conditions before they will be allowed to return to work full time.

Where an employee has been suffering from one or more of the above conditions, employment will NOT be allowed to re-start until they have been symptom free for 48 HOURS or have received clearance from their doctor.    

Screening after Foreign Holidays:

Employees MUST declare when they have returned from countries outside the EU, in such cases you will be Required to complete a return to work declaration confirming that you have NOT suffered from any gastro -intestinal symptoms during this time.

Staff should understand that to make a FALSE declaration disciplinary action will be taken.

1.No watches, earrings or jewellery are to be worn except a plain band wedding ring.

2. Hair Nets, Beard Snoods, and White Coats MUST be worn all the times whilst working in the warehouse / production area along with a Safety hat, Hi-Viz vest and gloves.

3. Packing gloves will be supplied and MUST be worn at all times whilst working within the warehouse area, except on certain projects in those cases you will be notified by the manager.

4. Personnel MUST not cough, sneeze or blow their nose over equipment, packaging materials or products. If this happens you must report it to your supervisor.

5. All cuts, soars and abrasions must be covered with a site issued blue, waterproof metal detectable plasters.

6. All personnel MUST report the loss of medical dressings or plasters.

7. Spitting is prohibited in all areas whilst on site.

8. Needles are not permitted on site unless required for medical purposes and the warehouse manager MUST be informed of these medical issues.

9. Mobile phones / recording equipment are not permitted in production areas unless authorised by management. Loss or damaged to mobile phones must be reported immediately.

10. Only factory issued writing pens (one piece, non-shatterable contrasting colour) are authorised to be used in the production area.

11. Other stationary items such as staples / paperclips must not be taken into the production area.

12. Cigarettes, lighters and matches are to be left in your locker.

13. Hands MUST be washed and sanitised after any activities carried out i.e site cleaning, handling cleaning equipment, handling pallets, loading / offloading vehicles, before work is carried out on any product / machine and after using the toilets. This applies to ALL members of staff and visitors. Hand sanitizers are located around the site.

14. No chewing gum allowed on site. Food products are not permitted on production site, with the exception of food being allowed in the upstairs board room/offices and canteen. Anyone caught with either product outside of these areas will be dismissed immediately without pay for that shift.

15. Eating & drinking must be strictly confined to designated areas. (Canteen / Offices designated areas).

16. Smoking & use of smoking materials eg…(electronic cigarette) is only prohibited on site in designated areas.

17. All personal with prescribed medicines that is brought on site MUST register these with the warehouse manager.

18. Random spot checks of employees and their belonging will be carried out, any forbidden items that are found could result in employees being sent home without pay or disciplinary action may be taken.

19. All staff and visitors are responsible for their own personal possession and are to ensure that they are safely stored at all times, the Company will accept no responsibility for any losses or theft.

Personnel are responsible and entrusted to report if they are suffering from, or have been in contact with any diseases likely to be transmitted from them to the finished products. These include but are not limited to infected wounds, skin complaints or gastrointestinal illnesses, anyone suffering from these shall not be allowed to work for Evolve.

I have read and understood this Hygiene Policy, and I accept and agree to all of its terms and conditions. I enter into this agreement voluntarily, with full knowledge of it effect should I deviate from it.