Evolve Pack retains BRC Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that once again Evolve Pack have passed our BRC audit remaining a highly certificated Contract Packing provider.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) Standard is designed to ensure best practice and promote continuous improvement. From stock traceability, record controls, hazard and risk analysis to vehicle operating standards and personnel, BRC auditors complete thorough and professional site analysis. BRC Global Standards

What does this mean for our customers? BRC accredited, our customers are given the confidence that while they focus on their core business Evolve Pack are delivering Contract Packing services at levels above and beyond others in the market.

Does your business need demand additions to BRC Standard? From ISO certification to retail specific audits, Evolve Pack hold a broad range of accreditations to our name, no matter what your business requirement might be, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Interview with Steve Frixou – Evolve Pack Managing Director

In a couple of sentences, tell me a little about yourself?

I am married and live with my wife, two children and our new puppy max in Derbyshire. I am a football fan and I also enjoy outdoor activities including clay pigeon shooting.

I am the founder of Evolve Pack and believe in my team being involved in driving the business forward. My role is like a caretaker rather than a boss, to make sure the machine is running well and is supported so that everyone in the business gets to achieve what they strive for.

How did you get into the industry?

I started out in 1996 setting up a forward thinking recruitment agency supplying highly skilled, ambassador workforces into large manufacture, warehouse and distribution companies across the East Midlands. As the company grew we found that we were getting more and more involved in contract packing and took the decision to leave behind the traditional recruitment service and to focus our growth on the provision of contract packing services, evolving from Apollo the recruitment agency into Evolve Pack, the contract packing specialists.

Why contact packing rather than recruitment?

Accountability! Our company aim is to care more and give more, and as a result our business relationships are long and successful. This logic has helped us to evolve the “win as one” principle:

“Success first for our clients, and then invoice for part of this success”.

We believe that value for money is charging clients per case packed and not on time sheets. Our responsibility is the effective use of labour and charging for a job well done. This is in contrast to the recruitment industry, whose business model is to maximise billed hours each week.

What do you think are the challenges facing our sector?

As an external 3rd party contract packer it is getting increasingly difficult to reduce overheads. The National Living Wage will come into effect from April 2016 along with the introduction of new pension requirements and there are the ever rising costs of utilities to run a site of our own. We are finding that more and more work is being bought into clients own business and to keep up with the ever changing markets we need to work closer on-site with clients to secure a competitive strategy.

 What do you most enjoy about working for Evolve Pack?

 The people, I enjoy seeing everyone striving and enjoying what they do, and being just as excited when they reach their goals, this makes my job worthwhile.

Now for a quick fire round….

What is your favorite cuisine? – Spanish

What is your favorite sport to watch? – Football

What is your favorite colour? – Royal Blue

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? – I love the UK and wouldn’t wish to live anywhere else

Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? – Definitely tea